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we are usually under high levels of stress

Most people use a computer all day long while at work and the first thing they do when they get home is press that power button on their PC. And then put their eyes on OT for another 4-6 hours. We hardly get outside and focus on objects in the distance.Mac Makeup Bags Another problem of focusing on objects for long periods of time is that our muscles get weak to QUICKLY focus on objects. Unless you are an athletic person where you have to focus on moving objects and continually cause your eye muscle to focus and refocus, your eyes probably are not getting the healthy workout they need. This write-up is to help remind you that your eyes are a precious part of your body and you only get one set of them. But not only does this write-up talk about how to make sure you give your eyes a rest from time to time, but also how to protect yourself from muscle strains in your neck, fingers, and arms. You of course, don't need to treat this guide as the solution for all, but being aware and conscious about what you are doing while using your pc should help to keep you body healthy.Mac Hellokitty HOW TO REMIND YOURSELF TO TAKE A BREAK, The hardest part is remembering when to take a break, especially when we get consumed by our work and we have deadlines. For it engineers, we are usually under high levels of stress and have deadlines to meet, which usually leads to not taking breaks. We need to be cautious of this and make sure to take breaks from time to time. There are a few free software programs available online that will help remind you to take breaks from time to time and keep you from overworking your hands and eyes. I recommend Break Install or Workrave for the PC.Mac Makeup Blush Both are free and full of features. Workrave is my favorite as it displays sample exercises while the break time screen is activated - something that is educational and will keep you entertained. There are some programs for the Mac as well, for example, Timeout and AntiRSI. These programs force you to take a break from working which not only give your eyes time to relax but also your fingers, wrists, neck, and other muscles that are used to type, read, and move your mouse.

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